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Freaks and Geeks Ch2

   I own nothing, and will probably never own anything aside from this computer.

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Freaks and Geeks (S/X)

This is the first Spander story that I've ever written.  I'm really only writing it for myself and my friend Erica , it will probably contain lots of fluff and cheesy self-insertion, because like I said I'm writing it for me, but I hope you like it too. Also remember that I own nothing.

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I don't post a lot on here
mostly because I just feel awkward
so really I just come here to read fanfiction
and it's always really good
even though I suck at writing I really like to read what other people write
yeah, I don't know why I'm posting this
probably just to let you know why I exist

Grandchilde (1/?)

So yeah, I decided to post the first chapter of this fic I've been working on, I'm kinda proud of it, but I don't know if I actually want to keep going or not but yeah...

It will eventually be Spangel, just to warn you

at the moment it's pretty PG-13, but I'm not to sure about in the future

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I hate being new to a fandom

It just makes me feel very awkward and all not belong-y
and like I shouldn't talk to anybody
I mean I know it's probably ok, but I just very sincerely hate it
and I'm a VERY awkward person as it is so I hate adding friends and trying to join groups
it makes me a little nauseous

Tumblr Blackout

I have officially come to terms with the fact that I must be a tumblr addict
I'm participating in the tumblr black out today
which is basically a protest against all of the unnecessary changes to the website
I woke up at around 10 this morning and had to do math homework to avoid getting on tumblr
today is going to be awful
but with lots of Buffy and Spangel Fanfiction I should be able to pull through

I really have nothing to say

I'm absolutely horrible at first posts and I don't know what to say
except that I'm a writer ( a horrible one, but it's what i like)
an avid Buffy fan ( this is a recent thing)
and a slash-addict 
I'm not sure if I'll ever post anything I write around here
I usually only share it with my friends
but I don't know, maybe if I feel like it
thanks for reading this I suppose